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Hey Moms reading this. Yes YOU! Do me a favor. Pick up your phone or camera…whichever you use on a daily basis. Look at the pictures you have taken in ummm the last month. What do you see? Your kids? Your kids & your husband? Your dog? Your family? Your friends? How many of those pictures are of YOU? It’s ok, I will wait for you to count…oh wait you are done? What did you find? 1? 2? Or, like me and most moms, none? I get it, life happens. Guess what? Like you maybe once a month I am in a picture. Now, thanks to the app “Time Hop” I get to take a trip back in time every day. ”Time Hop” brings back memories for up to 5 years.

I am not in them.

Last year my life changed when I became a single mom; suddenly as I am looking back on my life in pictures, I WASN’T IN THEM! Ok I will accept that being a photographer most likely we are behind that camera but in 2016…99% of us have a phone with us 100% of the time so there is zero reason not to be in a picture. So, I am changing that, well actually I started changing that last year. I take “selfies” and yes I put them on Facebook. Do I worry that my friends will get tired of them? At one point I definitely did.  But guess what they don’t care about my Time Hop…they are thinking just what I am. They aren’t in pictures either.

Taking pictures of my kiddos and myself…together, do I love every single one? Of course not but now I see me with them.  Me at the park with my kids, me on the couch with my youngest, me before their Christmas concert, me hanging out with my nephew. Me.

I am in the picture. Finally.

Here I am with my crew. See the picture of my youngest not looking at the camera? A plane flew over at that exact moment. I tried to “fix it” but then I thought about it…why? It’s her and I am in the picture. Here are my Instagram pictures with my crew.

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I am in the picture.

Here is my wish. Moms in pictures. Moms showing their kids that they were actually there in that moment with them. Which is why I have chosen #beinmemories for a place to post pictures of YOU in pictures. I have no idea if this will work or if it will make a difference to you, but I know it will make a difference for me. So get an Instagram or Facebook account and any picture YOU are in use


I want to see your gorgeous face…yes you! With makeup, without, in pajamas, complete face of makeup. ALL OF IT! Just be in the picture.  So for this Mother Day, this is my wish, my hope and from the depth of my heart.  Please do this.  I am going to get better at using the hashtag and hope you as a mama do too.  Now you get to see almost all the mamas I have had the privileged to capture with their babies in the past 2 years.  Looking at every picture took me back to the day of their session.  If one picture can take me back to meeting a new mama imagine what pictures with you in them can do for you.

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